25 Years of Teen Titles

IMG_7539Teen Titles is a City of Edinburgh magazine success story! Going strong now, for twenty five years, it has helped school librarians promote reading and literacy in all our secondary schools across the city.

The Teen Titles evening reception  takes place annually in the prestigious Edinburgh Central Library Reference Room.  Many “Teen and Young Adult” authors are in the city to visit and perform at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and so welcome the opportunity to come along to the Teen Titles celebration to chat informally, with their audience –  pupils, young people! The magazine is about to produce its 67th edition with pupils from Edinburgh schools still enthusiastically contributing to its contents. Pupils interview authors for the magazine and read and review new books. At the Central Library reception, our pupils, Danica Skinner, Chloe Hunter and Kelle Wilson impressively “circulated the room”, meeting pupils from other schools as well as renowned authors for young adults – Keith Gray, Lari Don, Kirkland Ciccone, Elizabeth Wein, Cat Clarke and many more. There was a vibrant and positive atmosphere  in this impressive reference library. Most inspiring was the sight of every hand in the room raised, when the audience was asked whether or not they enjoyed reading traditional books ( despite the availability of stories on kindles and tablets) The resounding enthusiasm for books in print format, was significant!

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